August 13, 2019 – All Encompassing Love

MOON enters Aquarius [8:35 am pdt/ 9:35 am mdt/ 10:35 am cdt/ 11:35 am edt] is a shift to the beautiful airy inspiration of community, and genius, the interactive space between one mind and the spirit mind, or one mind and many minds. Both are rewarding, and expressions of a great all encompassing love. Aquarian Love. Some say, We are in an Aquarian LOVE REVOLUTION in full swing!

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [1:33 pm pdt/ 2:33 pm mdt/ 3:33 pm cdt/ 4:33 pm edt] is a full monty of a fruition in where we need and want to communicate with others and the world at large. Like a full moon, this is a FULL MERCURY–of sorts. SInce it was retrograde and its getting close to stepping outside of the degrees over which it retro, then re-went over, there’s about two more days of that dome of dates that are in this (after period of mercury unwinding from retro). Watch for completions and syncronicities about transitions within and without over the next two days!

MOON SQUARE URANUS [9:47 pm pdt/ 10:47 pm mdt/ 11:47 pm cdt/ 12:47 am late night edt] Shocking? Only if you were not paying attention. Work? Yes of course, its a square. Some say this could be called Squarius!

SUN CONJUNCT VENUS [11:07 pm pdt/ 12:07 am late night mdt/ 1:07 am late night cdt/ 2:07 am late night edt] is a bold self inquiry into what the self needs in the form of love at this time? Is it self love or loving others or receiving love? We are always needing to both give and receive love, and where are you strong? where are you weak? How can you balance, radiate? expand? express more? Love more? be yourself more? How can you love yourself more? care for yourself? Light a candle for yourself because you are loved by the whole universe. Please look into the light of that candle as it radiates back to you and know that there are millions of lights from all over the universe, that LOVE YOU! So how can you express their love toward you–here on earth, through your own hands?

VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO [11:08 pm pdt/ 12:08 pm mdt/ 1:08 pm cdt/ 2:08 pm cdt/ 3:08 pm edt] SUN INCONJUNCT PLUTO The VENUS SUN CONJUNCTION is INCONJUNCT PLUTO.

We are learning to handle the awkwardness of this time, due to all the changes and what people are going through. The best practical application for awkward weird changing times, is unconditional love, acceptance and radical forgiveness and assistance to ourselves first, then one another.

We are in a TIME of a LOVE REVOLUTION, in a SEASON of LOVE REVOLUTION! May we be the toes and fingers of the Love Revolution in our own way, first by radically loving ourselves! Then out from there–with color and creativity.

Author’s Note: Readings are available. Contact within, e-mail or text.

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