August 9, 2019 – Woo Hooo!

Its the fire season of summer, just before Earth and harvest, where passion and radiance is at a peak. 

VENUS INCONJUNCT SATURN [1:23 am pdt/ 2:23 am mdt/ 3:23 am cdt/ 4:23 am edt] is an aspect of disconjortion. Its ok. Love and Structure are two different areas and they don’t always speak the same language. Its ok to mediate.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [4:25 pm pdt/ 5:25 pm mdt/ 6:25 pm cdt/ 7:25 pm edt] is a home run in our own baseball game. May we hit a home run in our own way! Woo Hoo!

MOON enters Sagittarius [1:35 pm pdt/2:35 pm mdt/ 3:35 pm cdt/ 4:35 pm edt] bringing the magical good luck and passion of a grand trine in fire–a lucky one!

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