August 6, 2019 – Radical Inner Voice-Based Shifting

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [12:36 am pdt/ 1:36 am mdt/ 2:36 am cdt/ 3:36 am edt] This SQUARE sends the MOON into the VOID for a moment this early early morning-pre-dawn. This is the crux of a shift point that is emerging from the swirling Mercury Direct, still re-membering itself, through all the degrees it retrograded. With the ECLIPSES happening during that time, there was a lot of content that could have been stirred up that is still settling and shifting. THIS SQUARE is going to have us making shifts and changes as we listen to our own inner voice and make needed adjustments.

MOON enters Scorpio [8:31 am pdt/ 9:31 am mdt/ 10:31 am cdt/ 11:31 am edt] our place of power. With the squares and oppositions today, there’s “balancing power,” going on. Shifting and balancing.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [7:55 pm pdt/ 8:55 pm mdt/ 9:55 pm cdt/ 10:55 edt] is revolutionary shifting. Change is in the air! We can create change that we desire! Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes!!

Its a good time to actively make the changes you desire to make in life. 



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