August 1, 2019 – New Month, New Moon, New Gifts, New Healings, New Actions

Today is a super glowy, powerful new moon. I’m sure you might have heard all the talk of the “Lions Gate,” and this Leo New Moon! Its a radiant one, so may we allow ourselves to let go of doubt, and let go of disappointment, look to the new and clarify what is needed next, and next and next for our ideals to manifest.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [5:53 am pdt/6:53 am mdt /7:53 am cdt/8:53  am  edt] is  the  way  that  opens  as  we  point  our  nose  in the  direction  of  openings.

VENUS TRINE CHIRON [9:58 am pdt/ 10:58 am mdt/ 11:58 am cdt/ 12:58 am edt] is a healing with wings, a full 18 piece band and a river of love that comes from our own heart.  With Venus and Chiron in fire signs and trine–one never knows what the universe may instigate as we become more whole.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:48 pm pdt/ 2:48 pm mdt/ 3:48 pm cdt/ 4:48 pm edt] in revelatory time is right action at the right time. Today is a wonderful day for our own instincts and small self to head into smoother waters, in which to act. (eclipse months are wild waters, weird for the little selves as big forces are at play, moving big things under surface and in life/death ways). Now the energy is freer of that shadow clearing density, lightening into creative joyful fire and all that it does in the world!

Enjoy the power of the NEW MOON in the Lions Gate and bring on in the light! 

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