July 31, 2019 – New Moon in Leo & MERCURY DIRECT!

MOON enters Leo [6:18 pm pdt/ 7:18 pm mdt/ 8:18 pm cdt/ 9:18 pm edt] bringing the heart-centered sign of this coming NEW MOON. Just after a shadow-clearing inner-work based eclipse cycle. Now its time to come out of the inner work and shine n dance n party!

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [1:51 pm pdt/ 2:51 pm mdt/ 3:51 pm cdt/ 4:51 pm edt] in Leo is an ultimate beauty queen smile aspect. This is feminine fun, and really good companion dancing. This is an aspect that can prepare us in this new cycle to “companion dance our way to bliss!”

MOON SQUARE URANUS [4:54 pm pdt/ 5:54 pm mdt/ 6:54 pm cdt/ 7:54 pm edt] Celebration fire to Waking up Earth. With Uranus in Taurus, MOON in Leo is SQUARE, making fun wake-up-work. As people wake up, there’s work in reframing, re-aligning, and re-organizing systems and communications–everything needs re-organizing!

SUN CONJUNCT MOON for the NEW MOON at [8:12 pm pdt/ 9:12 pm mdt/ 10:12 pm cdt/ 11:12 pm edt] inviting in the light. We’ve each had some inner focus, and shadow clearing is not the highest vibration, so its time to RISE in the light of the SUN in LEO and this NEW MOON, inviting us all to “bring in the light!”

MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT [8:58 pm pdt/ 9:58 pm mdt/ 10:58 pm cdt/ 11:58 pm edt] WoooHooo! This MERCURY RETROGRADE has been wtih an eclipse cycle and with a deep healing circles. There may have been a lot of syncronicity and today–MERCURY RETROGRADE in its changes, calls us to relax, let go and be flexible with this shifting energy, and to laugh, and allow the incoming light as the circles are coming to their final circling, final purpose, final messages and teachings, and we begin again, a new cycle of renewal and incoming light now! Moving forward into the light!

Deep blessings in this new Leo NEW MOON and new lunar cycle of creativity fueled by summer light, its really time to “bring in the light!” And move forward! 

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