July 30, 2019 – Completions, Transitions, Ending Cycle of Death n Rebirth

Waning MOON has returned to its solar eclipse beginning place. Today is the dark moon and final day in the Cancer eclipse cycle we are completing now.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [6:57 am pdt/ 7:57 am mdt/ 8:57 am cdt/ 9:57 am edt] is a completion test or limitation to overcome, early in the morning.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [11:14 am pdt/ 12:14 pm mdt/ 1:14 pm cdt/ 2:14 pm edt] offers grace as an ally today as we complete and follow through with any commitments, and complete whatever the eclipse cycle called us to complete.

MARS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [1:09 pm pdt/ 2:09 pm mdt/ 3:09 cdt/ 4:09 edt] is an encouragement to ad fluidity and flexibility into our action plan today so grace can carry us through the day.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [4:27 pm pdt/ 5:27 pm mdt/ 6:27 pm cdt/ 7:27 pm edt] is a point of final death of the old eclipse cycle. Whatever the cycle is about is up for contemplation, action, and/or renovation. If its not already done–its coming. Death and Rebirth where needed.

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY (RETROGRADE for one more day)–[8:32 pm pdt/ 9:32 am mdt/ 10:32 am cdt/ 11:32 am edt] already slowing down in its direction shifting movement tomorrow–Wednesday evening–Mercury Goes DIRECT.  This conjunction emphasizes communications as a keystone in today’s shifting energies. Ending the old lunar cycle of transformation, death/rebirth, and preparing for the new beginning of the Powerfully bright Leo New Moon coming also Wednesday Evening.

May our beautiful completions provide garden space in our minds for exquisite new beginnings. 

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