July 27, 2019 – Slow Dance of Sun and Moon

SUN SEXTILE MOON [7:16 am pdt/ 8:16 am mdt/ 9:16 am cdt/ 10:16 am edt]is an ancient dance, that returns again and again .

VENUS enters Leo. [6:54 pm pdt/ 7:54 pm mdt/ 8:54 pm cdt/ 9:54 pm edt] bringing the feminine to one of her shiniest places of radiance and self expression that is gifting and sharing with laughter, joy, and childlike-innocence, wonder and wonderful.

As the moon wanes–during an eclipse cycle–there is still shadow material to let go of–sometimes even the most at the end–last waning quarter, where the darkness is re-emerging after the light. One more clearing.

With a focus on Leo–SUN, MERCURY, MARS and now VENUS, the lion-hearted spirit abounds, even in a dark waning moon of an eclipse cycle, where shadow is dispersing and releasing. Its good to rest, dream sleep, meditate and relax through the end. 

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