July 25, 2019 – Structural Expansion, Saturnian Upgrade; Mayan DAY OUT OF TIME!

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Taurus [3:16 am pdt/ 4:16 am mdt/ 5:16 am cdt/ 6:16 am edt] is a disruptive aspect, to our historical comfort-zonish manifest and physically structured reality. As we each “land,” more deeply into the “new era,” energy, we may go through different ways of adapting to our true freedom–for example. We are adapting to increased capacity for making our own choices, moving toward our own joy, and contending with the requests of higher vibrations. The “joy,” is a soul-joy. When we witness ourselves participating in the world in a way that we feel is a soul’s calling, even if it isn’t “easy,” it is deeply satisfying. This MOON URANUS CONJUNCTION in Taurus is touching this breakthrough point (in each of us) that is breaking through the old physical expectations, into the new ones.

  In this (end of the old Mayan New Year), there is a “day out of time,” like a day in between. This is today!!



There are potentially two tracks for people right nowthe old track, which simply leads to a medical, physical death, and many people seem to have chosen their illness as a focus and they may be on the track toward death. And the New Emerging higher self-based-World Track: Those who choose a focus on their soul’s creative manifestation, on heart’s desires, on our creator’s wishes for us, we are on the changing vibration, changing world track. Those listening to our higher selves, are on this track of awakening and breakthrough. It is possible to fall down and climb up, of course. From the lower path to the higher path. On the higher path, Uranus may provide energy for breakthroughs that are built in the invisible world. Uranus is Saturn’s higher, invisible ruler. Today we are receiving Uranian energy, that asks us to elevate our Saturn to higher places, potentially, from building in the physical to first “building,” in the invisible. Our modern day business coaches are mirroring this shift.

MARS TRINE JUPITER [5:22 am pdt/ 6:22 am mdt/ 7:22 am cdt/ 8:22 am edt] is an activator energy–expand! Expand! Expand! Jupiter is a good luck planet and an “opener of the way.” These fire planets are in fire signs now, so calling forth the power of our core power–our heart–and our creative inspiration–to drive us forward, especially as we come toward a New Moon in fire queen Leo on August 1st.

MOON SQUARE MARS [9:11 pm pdt/ 10:11 pm mdt/ 11:11 pm cdt/ 12:11 am late night edt] is reminding us the best way to prepare for new beginnings is to have good completions. This moon unwinds from the full moon eclipse and new moon solar eclipse at the beginning. In the eclipses–there is always a purification going on–causing great releases of energy and transitions of state are possible. Its a generally unstable time. We are completing this eclipse cycle now.

MOON TRINE SATURN [9:29 pm pdt/ 10:29 pm mdt/ 11:29 pm cdt/ 12:29 am edt] is a late night grounding experience. This eclipse action was rooted in Capricorn. It had us focused, internal and wanting to take care of responsibilities to the best of our ability. For some of us–this is deep inner work that has been waiting, for some of us, it was taking quiet and meditation time, for some it was another work revolution, or family revolution, or big catharsis making energy related to work or family–its a time to “seal the deal,” on burying the old patterns that have held us back from our proficiency in the moment by moment intelligent to move us forward in a more satisfying way than we were moving ourselves through the world–before now. Saturn calls for refinement and upgrades on physical world experiences.

May we enjoy every reason to ritualize or celebrate our transitions as the Mayan Calendar calls today a “Day Out of Time!” May we celebrate our ability to change with intelligent grace! 

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