July 22, 2019 – Womb of Joy

SUN TRINE MOON [1:34 am pdt/ 2:34 am mdt/ 3:34 am cdt/ 4:34 am edt] a marriage made in heaven and on earth where the archetypal masculine and the archetypal feminine are designed to be in service to each other, and the whole of existence in their co-existence, and co-habiting the realms of creative manifestation and joy here in form!

MOON enters Aries [3:02 am pdt/ 4:02 am mdt/ 5:02 am cdt/ 6:02 am edt] after a small pre-dawn pass through the VOID between the end and the new beginning time. It was quick!

 SUN joins the MOON in fire. Enters Leo [7:50 pm pdt/ 8:50 pm mdt/ 9:50 pm cdt/ 10:50 pm edt] bringing us to the Leo season of mature summer and mature play!

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