July 21, 2019 – The Wild Artist Returns

VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO [1:32 am pdt/ 2:32 am mdt/ 3:32 am cdt/ 4:32 am edt] along with other aspects to follow here, harken in the return of the WILD ARTIST WITHIN! Before dawn, and the sun rising, there’s this wildness, this passion, this test of heart within us.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [3:45 am pdt/ 4:45 am mdt/ 5:45 am cdt/ 6:45 am edt] bring angels singing, rafting trips down home-land rivers, and a connection to our own God. These are powerful times.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY {RETROGRADE in Cancer} [5:34 am pdt/ 6:34 am mdt/ 7:34 am cdt/ 8:34 am edt] for a “magicians moment,” or our own personal experience of “what magic is:” sycnronicity perhaps, or the experience of lots of light.  The more we can “listen,” for right divine timing, place and experience, in these days and times, the more benefit that we might feel in the harvest season coming, as well as right now. Divine connection, or higher path, or choiceful moments together, provide us with exquisite experience here on earth. May we choose with our lit up heart-lights.

MOON {in Pisces} SEXTILE PLUTO {still in Capricorn years later}[10:18 am pdt/ 11:18 am mdt/ 12:18 pm cdt / 1:18 pm edt ] Feed beauty, be beauty, water plants, let the magic grow inside and out! NOMATTER WHAT IS GOING ON, you CAN FEED AND BE BEAUTY!

MOON TRINE VENUS [10:20 am pdt/ 11:20 am mdt/ 12:20 pm cdt/ 1:20 pm edt] brings women together in power and in play. May there be healing and grace, awareness and co-empowered space.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:58 pm pdt/ 11:58 pm mdt/ 12:58 am late night cdt/ 1:58 am late night edt] Brings late night chattering fun box late on the Sunday night this weekend of summer. may we allow the giggle bugs to get into the bed tonight before turning out the playful light. 

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