July 18, 2019 – Community Bliss Relaxing

Still in the Eclipse Portal, Its good to relax, and with MOON still in Aquarius, its good to enjoy the community around us,

Soon, this MOON heads into “open space,” and the VOID between Aquarius and Pisces.

MOON SEXTILES JUPITER [8:53 am pdt/ 9:53 am mdt/ 10:53 am cdt/ 12:53 pm edt] sends the “practical energy,” and our focus into a pleasant, perhaps even expanded VOID between the worlds. Between signs and between, now and what comes next. Its a good day to “relax,” amidst it all, whatever that is.

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE [11:03 am pdt/ 12:03 pm mdt/ 1:03 pm cdt/ 2:03 pm edt] is a sweetness in the river of life. Life may not be practical all the time, or even go as we planned, or as anyone might have dreamed it to be, and yet, here it is, life can be a dream when we allow ourselves to relax “into the river of life,” and “celebrate with whomever is there with us!”

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