Eclipses have great force that is felt moving the elemental energies of the earth.
This “energy reset,” can be a death/rebirth type of energy for each one in a unique way.  The forces involved can open gateways for the manifestations that have been on the threshold, waiting for some extra force. This Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn, with Pluto emphasis. As with all eclipses, clearing shadow, blocks and misuses of power can be part of the process.  These clearings can be penetratingly deep and thorough.

There is often a great birth, a beautiful arising that might only be possible as the density clears, and forces that our beyond our individual power–move the earth–literally and energetically(the earth moves slightly during the extreme pulling of an eclipse energy).

Today’s ECLIPSE is partial–so lucky-for-us can be a little “lighter,” in the death pull and a little more subtle in the shadow clearing. The partial lunar eclipse is often “lighter,” on many levels than a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. Though Pluto is involved, which brings in the focus on POWER. Our little power and the big power beyond us.  Sometimes: the greater powers mirror our little power. Our little focus of intent–can be quite a big power, when we’ve listened to the “little voices” (little powers within) and aligned with our source (greater power). 

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [12:18 am pdt/ 1:18 am mdt/ 2:18 am cdt/ 3:18 am edt] is the mover of mountains, with the mountain. We can simply “be with,” the changes needed and achieve results with this giant force, following our intent, and our clarity.  The physical world responds to our energy first–before becoming physical. Today is a day for wild manifestations!

VENUS INCONJUNCT JUPITER [12:44 am pdt/ 1:44 am mdt/ 2:44 am cdt/ 3:44 am edt] our wild feminine may be awkward in this overly-contained world, however she may be our secret key to thriving in these times. May we honor our sacred inner wild one, our inner wildest artist, and inner awakening friend.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [3:52 am pdt/ 4:52 am mdt/ 5:52 am cdt/ 6:52 am edt] brings fluidity to the big moving-day. There is grace to surf in the midst of big change with Eclipse Power!

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [10:16 am pdt/ 11:16 am mdt/ 12:16 pm cdt/ 1:16 pm edt] in the sign that’s being eclipsed–we are learning about our own inner power.

PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE TIMINGS; The eclipse begins at 11:43 am PDT/ 12:43 pm mdt/ 1:43 pm cdt/ 2:43 pm edt] The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours and 34 minutes. The peak of the eclipse happens at 2:30 pm pdt. The eclipse is over at [5:17 pm pdt/ 6:17 pm mdt/ 7:17 pm cdt/ 8:18 pm edt] {Exact times thanks to TimeAndDate.com} The eclipse is not visible in North America, except for a moment in the South and East of North America. It will be visible in these places: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. Sometimes the places that “see the eclipse,” are places where events occur and they may be seen by all of us.

MOON OPPOSITE SUN (FULL MOON exact point): [2:38 pm pdt/ 3:38 pm mdt/ 4:38 pm cdt/ 5:38 pm edt] is a beg wide portal potentially for almost anything to come or go. Like a crack in the sidewalk, that “lets the light in,” and where dandelions grow.
Dandelions being some of the lightest brightest, happiest flowers that also clean our liver of stagnant energy.

May this powerful lunar eclipse window carries the light and bright of summer and the deep power of Pluto. May we walk in the beauty and light, and be aware of focusing our power. 

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