July 14, 2019 – Personal Transformation of Expression and Power

SUN OPPOSITE PLUTO [7:51 am pdt/ 8:51 am mdt/ 9:51 am cdt/ 10:51 am edt] is a personal solar catharsis. We’ve passed the peak of summer and are sliding down in light toward the perfect light for harvest. This opposition is a life/death check, catharsis and power adjustment. May we be gracious and in grace as we cross this test of our power. Watch power struggle energy or power dynamics for integrity!

MOON is VOID today between Sagittarius and Capricorn–making it a day of rest if we need it. Next week is a very big week–with a Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE during FULL MOON on Tuesday afternoon.

The coming week is a big week of catharsis, change and deep movements we may have wanted or needed but didn’t have the force or power–now we can have the power as we so choose it.

MOON enters Capricorn [4:05 pm pdt/ 5:05 pm mdt/ 6:05 pm cdt/ 7:05 pm edt] grounding for the big movement energy in the week ahead! Hold our hats and horses! May we root to the ground!

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