July 13, 2019 – Firey Expanded Energy

Welcome to a MOON in Sagittarius day of fiery creative connections!

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [1:11 pm pdt/ 2:11 pm mdt/ 3:11 pm cdt/ 4:11 pm edt] is an energy of expansion. Whatever we are thinking, being or doing, can we expand? Can we be bigger? Wiser? and More all encompassing? Stretch time!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [6:30 pm pdt/ 7:30 pm mdt/ 8:30 pm mdt/ 9:30 pm cdt/ 10:30 pm edt] is an opportunity to do some water work. This is emotional work, psychic work and God-work. How is our spiritual practice going?

May we be the creative creator-connected ones we came to be. May we do the work, expand where needed and keep praying in our own way. 

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