July 3, 2019 – This is Rebirth, Testing your Mother Skills

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [12:01 am pdt/ 1:01 am mdt/ 2:01 am cdt/ 3:01 am cdt/ 4:01 pm edt] offers the most awesome opportunity to test our wisdom, our maturity and our ability to respond to any situation.  May we be wise in the new Death/Rebirth canal we are swimming this month.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [1:40 am pdt/ 2:40 am mdt/ 3:40 am cdt/ 4:40 am edt] us a supportive water aspect as we are gentle, soothing the heat everywhere with the wisdom of water, money and cooling off.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [7:25 am pdt/ 8:25 am mdt/ 9:25 am cdt/ 10:25 am edt] is a point of focus for the DEATH/REBIRTH vessel, we hold before us.

This aspects sends the MOON into a morningVOID between the eclipsed sun sign of Cancer, and Leo, where MARS is residing.

MOON is VOID between [8:18 am pdt and 8:19 pm pdt] for twelve hours, all day!

During the MOON VOID, VENUS enters Cancer  [8:18 am pdt/ 9:18 am mdt/ 10:18 am cdt/ 11:18 am edt] adding a feminine supportive energy to the cauldron of the eclipse as we spend the whole month in this death and rebirth. This is a BIG SHIFT time. May we navigate and craft it well and with love. The MOON VOID is good to clean up, meditate or return things.

MOON enters Leo (departing the slippery VOID), [8:19 pm pdt/ 9:19 pm mdt/ 10:19 pm cdt/ 11:19 pm edt]  heading for MARS.
This is a fiery time of fruition and self-expression. Leo manages and comes from the heart. This is a time to allow the HEART to guide our actions.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [10:41 pm pdt/ 11:41 pm mdt/ 12:41 am late night cdt/ 1:41 am late night edt] for an active night! This is an activation of the ECLIPSE SHIFT, into action. The month may feel dramatic and active as we manage the shifting change.

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