July 2, 2019 – NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE – The Beginning of Death Rebirth Canal

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [4:26 am pdt/ 5:26 am mdt/ 6:26 am cdt/ 7:26 am edt] is a radical spark, contact, revelation or awareness of the “invisible world,” contacting this world. Eclipses, due to the power of them, are “portals,” of some sort. Change portals. Openings for the rebalancing between life and death.

The Dawn of Transformation appears as the MOON BLOCKS THE LIGHT OF THE SUN, for a short time. Today’s SOLAR ECLIPSE  at [9:55 am pdt/ 10:55 pm mdt/ 11:55 am cdt/ 12:55 pm edt].  During this time, the magnetics, electromagnetics and energetics of the whole earth, fluctuate drastically for a few hours or a day. This shift, beginning as a simple shift in light, affects the whole earth, and the whole web of life.

During these “shift portals,” our ability to “dissolve and renew,”  is increased. Due to the unstable nature of these energies, holding clear intent and a constant energetic awareness and presence is important.  Also due to the fluid and unstable nature of this time, it is easy to insert more positive intent. We are able to upgrade “our reality,” more easily, as we hold clear intent. We are called to be good holders of higher space, as shadow content clears. Extra caution in every step and while driving is important. Avoid extra actions that are un-necessary, to ground and stabilize.  FOLLOW INTUITION. STAY LISTENING. Heightened awareness is called for. 

Nourish! Waste goes out, nourishment comes in. Since the ECLIPSE is in Cancer, this life-cycle is enhanced and highlighted, even tested.

Can we prevent little and big disasters? Do we know how? May we take small right actions that can prevent other larger disasters at this time? What actions can we take in our life that will provide “preventative medicine to our lives?”




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