July 1, 2019 – The Sacred Feminine Rebirths the World

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS in GEMINI [2:48 pm pdt/ 3:48 pm mdt/ 4:48 pm cdt/ 5:48 pm edt] is a sweet aspect of the sacred feminine, in the DARK MOON, also a deeply feminine and “inner” transformational time.

MARS enters LEO, bringing a fire planet from water Cancer to its home sign of Fire. We must temper the heat, the fire, the anger, temperence is in order, as the Eclipses bring shadow forward.

MOON enters Cancer, following the path of MARS during this NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE WINDOW.  Right action is important in this time.

The energy is low and unstable as we release final energies prior to the transformational NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday. This is an out-breath, final-release and a “little-death.” May we hold our venusian love around our own world as we cross this Kali point and the Solar Eclipse , the next two days!

This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, tomorrow [at 12:18 pm pdt]: is bringing us into a new cycle, an eclipse cycle of purification and family. Due to the position of VENUS, we can look to the Divine Feminine within and with women, all around, to hold the transformations and rebalancings, taking place this Solar Eclipse window.

These forces are living, connected to us and everything and ECLIPSES are POWERFUL sources of CHANGE, RADICAL SHIFTS, and SEA CHANGES, where they’ve been called for and stars wished upon. Wherever energy has built up–all this energy, will be released, shifted and re-balanced in this eclipse and surrounding. Especially in the realm of family and community, home and sustainable interconnected ways of being. May we look to what is life-giving like a mother or a mother earth.

Eclipses can “send things to extremes,” to then balance them out as a result. Extremes are possible in these times, and with tolerance and patience, they will swing back to the middle in a healthier way as we hold them through the extremes first.

There is special opportunity to clear old family or ancestral patterns. There is also opportunity for big actions to restore balance, where balance was upsideded.

Temperence, Right Action, Peace-Making, Meditation, Care of self, and of others. Attention from head to toe, as transformational energies require focus, to hold stable during shake ups.

Though this VENUS MOON CONJUNCTION is a sweet support for the Eclipse Period and the aspects seem sweeter for an eclipse, its still “an eclipse,” and there will still be shadow material clearing. There may still be feelings of insecurity to move through and there may be little deaths and rebirths.

May we call upon the Great Divine Mother and ourselves to hold the world in love during these shifts. 


June 30, 2019 – Expansion into Increased Awareness

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [9:05 pm pdt/ 10:05 pm mdt/ 11:05 pm cdt/ 12:05 pm edt] is an expansion of self, in our ability to hold the dark parts. “dark,” as in “unknown,” or scared or lonely, or upset in any form. In the waning dark moon, the “little scared parts,” come up to be held. We can expand to include and hold all parts of self as we move through the dark moon time and the eclipse, which is a shadow uproot and purification for all.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:03 pm pdt/ 12:03 am late night mdt/ 1:03 am late night cdt/ 2:03 am late night edt] this aspect creates a T-Square energy–emotional work, surrender work, integration work, holding of emotional flow work.

Its the waning dark end of a cycle, before an ECLIPSE PURGE NEW MOON! Eclipses are giant openings and energy uproots, to shake up and out all the density that is in the way of moving forward. This “density,” moves up and out of all of us, through our experience of “the shadow side,” as in the discomforts of the human world, moving out. May we watch this flow of purifying shadow, with wisdom, patience and presence, as we move through the next month of shadow purification.

Please watch every step and “be aware from head to toe.” It is a time to sharpen awareness and pay attention to where shadow is clearing and its important to hold peaceful light, energy and presence: while shaking up is occurring.

There may be a need to “hold the world in place,” during shake ups.

Prayers to shake the world and every being into right relationship, from anything that was in the way or distracting from the main path.