June 27, 2019 – Squaring in Responsibility Toward healing

MOON is SQUARE MARS late in the night before dawn, [12:51 am pdt/ 1:51 am mdt/ 2:51 am cdt/ 3:51 am edt] wee early this morning, sending the MOON into the VOID between signs. We may have made some late night progress last night.

VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO [1:20 am pdt/ 2:20 am mdt/ 3:20 am cdt/ 4:20 am edt] is an awkward aspect of power and presence. Nomatter what is going on, all we have to do is be present.

MOON into Taurus at 6:32 am pdt

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [7:23 am pdt/ 8:23 am mdt/ 9:23 am cdt/ 10:23 pm edt] at the end of this cycle. Time to evaluate completions.

SUN SEXTILE URANUS [10:45 am pdt/ 11:45 am mdt/ 12:45 pm cdt/ 1:45 pm edt] is creativity aflight.

SUN SQUARE CHIRON is a corner of healing. [1:00 pm mdt]

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [5:34 pm pdt/ 6:34 pm mdt/ 7:34 pm cdt/ 8:34 pm edt] is a mini inner revolution.