June 26, 2019 – Squaring our Way to Responsibility in the Eclipse lead up

MOON is still in Aries, for fiery newness, inspiration and energy from within!

MOON TRINE JUPITER [6:20 am pdt/ 7:20 am mdt/ 8:20 am cdt/ 9:20 am edt] is a sweet expansion, opening up to the great unknown perhaps and inviting it in.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7:38 am pdt/ 8:38 am mdt/ 9:38 am cdt/ 10:38 am edt] is a corner of responsibility. Its ok to take responsibility and choose to move forward with confidence and/or clarity, even if it feels like its something we make or manufacture from within, that is where it comes from, strength, courage, and clarity, do come from our within.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [2:38 pm pdt/ 3:38 pm mdt/ 4:38 pm cdt/ 5:38 pm edt] is another sweet artistic expansion, amidst the responsibility thrust, there is beauty.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [3:43 pm pdt/ 4:43 pm mdt/ 5:43 pm cdt/ 6:43 pm edt] is a corner of powerful choice. This is important focus work. We choose our focus of attention and that is how we choose our responsibility, and our forward motion.

MERCURY enters LEO [5:19 pm pdt/ 6:19 pm mdt/ 7:19 pm cdt/ 8:19 pm edt] in its forward motion for a little longer before going retrograde on July 7th.

This week is the time to get a few things done, just before MERCURY RETROGRADE and the ECLIPSE field! May we take the steps we need to take to be responsible for what we love here.