June 25, 2019 – Fiery Summer Day

Today MOON is in Aries.

MOON SQUARE SUN [2:46 am pdt/ 3:46 am mdt/ 4:46 am cdt/ 5:46 edt] is the corner that brings us into the waning last quarter of the lunar cycle. This is the quiet unfolding time, down to the next NEW MOON, which is starting an eclipse cycle.

We are now within 10 days before the next eclipse, so we are in the ecilpse window. There is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on Tuesday July 2nd.

May we handle this ECLIPSE energy and time with care, nurturance and extra attention.

Author’s Note: Readings on the eclipse are available. Would you like to know what area of your life the eclipse is transforming? Text for reading times: 505-226-3382

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