June 23, 2019 – Summer River Adventure of Life

MOON is still in Pisces this summer morning, still at the very peak of the days of summer.   Pisces, of all the signs, is a master of unconditional love. Unconditional Love has gifts that it gives through all human beings, to other human beings. There is a high-vibe-reality to what happens when we allow the energy of unconditional love to flow through us. What will it do with us today?

This “ace of cups,” sort of back-drop for the day has a few other aspects that are more testing in nature.

VENUS OPPOSITE JUPITER [9:45 am pdt/ 10:45 am mdt/ 11:45 am cdt/ 12:45 am edt] Sometimes many things that we love all pull on one sleeve, or two sleeves in two different directions. In the middle of all this “pulling in different directions,” there is a graceful flow of life, to a centered human being, centered enough to continue to make choices that strengthen and honor the core. Each extreme can assist in “balancing the core,” as long as there are equal and opposite forces being attended. In Gemini and Sagittarius, we are balancing the needs of the “bigger picture,” or long term goals, with the needs of the immediate moment–like self care, car care, or cleaning house.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [7:03 pm pdt/ 8:03 pm mdt/ 9:03 pm cdt/ 10:03 pm edt] is a rich piece of work related to “surrender,” and honoring the spiritual worlds. Often there are “details in the physical,” that need attending, in order to be able to host and focus into the spiritual worlds. Our works is in creating the context for grace. To have “all things in order,” allows the space for meditation, artistic expression, or divine contact. Grace can only arrive if we have arrived in a place of openness to receive it. How can we create the context for grace to arrive?

VENUS INCONJUNCT SATURN [7:32 pm pdt/ 8:32 pm mdt/ 9:32 pm cdt/ 10:32 pm edt] provides a little more work. Art and Prayer are higher ways to address this little awkward transition moment.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [8:09 pm pdt/ 9:09 pm mdt/ 10:09 pm cdt/ 11:09 pm edt] is an arrival of grace. Are we in a place of receiving? What is arriving? What is departing? All in the tunnels of grace.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [8:14 pm pdt/ 9:14 pm mdt/ 10:14 pm cdt/ 11:14 pm edt] is a corner of beauty, art and inner work. May we surf our own emotional baggage like a good company janitor. Cleaning it before looking.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:55 pm pdt/ 9:55 pm mdt/ 10:55 pm cdt/ 11:55 pm edt] as in the perfect day, filled with the right tests of character, opportunities to make choices, and then finally, at the very end of the day–a great river of surrender, into God, into Sleep, into the most beautiful river of life we could ever imagine, and we are in the middle of this river of life. We can enjoy the river. We are safe and loved and the day is marvelous.

Tomorrow is another day in summer. 

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