June 22, 2019 – More of the River

MOON enters Pisces [7:01 am pdt/ 8:01 am mdt/ 9:01 cdt/ 10:01 edt] floating us down the river of life.  Pisces is gentle with soft colors and candle light or sunlight that is so beautiful it may bring us between the worlds.

SUN TRINE MOON [8:57 am pdt/ 9:57 am mdt/ 10:57 am cdt/ 11:57 am edt] is a link between the longest day producing light and the soft waning moon in water. This is a sweet summer energy to be with today.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [6:25 pm pdt/ 7:25 pm mdt/ 8:25 pm cdt/ 9:25 pm edt] brings in the magic. In the realm of Taurian Earth, there is magic under-foot, in the air and in our mouths.

The invisible energies are rich and full today, angels all around us. May we sing, dance, and receive this heavenly light. 

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