June 21, 2019 – Beauty, Expansion and the River, NEPTUNE STATIONARY DIRECT, SUMMER SOLSTICE

MOON TRINE VENUS [12:42 am pdt/ 1:42 am mdt/ 2:42 pm cdt/ 3:42 pm edt] is an aspect of beauty and art. It is love and soft things, silky things, and things that taste good, and we are like that too.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [7:02 am pdt/ 8:02 am mdt/ 9:02 am cdt/ 10:02 am edt] this is an aspect of expansion, “seeming good luck,” and alignment with higher divine flow that opens our perception to allow more of what we desire, or have called for over time before now.

This expanded aspect sends MOON into the VOID. for the rest of the day. VOIDs are mysterious times of ‘returning.’ They are good for meditation and redoing past mistakes.

NEPTUNE is stationary RETROGRADE [7:35 am pdt/ 8:35 am mdt/ 9:35 am cdt/ 10:35 am edt] changing directions, to go backward. The changing days are often floods of the energy, so there is a lot of NEPTUNE / FLOW / DIVINE INVISIBLE POWER today. May we “jump into the river,” see who is in there, “and celebrate.”

Its the SUMMER SOLSTICE as SUN enters Cancer. 8:54 am pdt/ 9:54 am mdt/ 10:54 am cdt/ 11:54 am edt] This is the brightest peak of the summer. The sun at its longest day of our year, more light than any other day–a peak of bright creative alignment. From here, the solar energy surfs down, one day at a time, to the lowest energy point–the WINTER SOLSTICE.

These bright times are the fuel and creative genius that carry us in light, through the next year. This is the peak of light all year. May we be flowering vessels of this light.

Absorbable Blessings in the Light of the Year. Bless every corner of your life!

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