June 20, 2019 – Building the New World One Thought at a Time

MOON in Aquarius SQUARE URANUS in Taurus
, [6:56 am pdt/ 7;56 am mdt/ 8:56 am cdt/ 9:56 pm edt] could be called “SQUARIUS!” is about the “building blocks” of the new world coming. These times are about building the new world that will hold us as the “old world” falls, dissolves and mutates.

SUMMER SOLSTICE is TOMORROW!! NEPTUNE STATIONS TOMORROW! This unique quality of time peaks in solar creative light, as NEPTUNE brings a slow-down, spiritual hum.

As this lunar cycle unwinds, it winds down to an Eclipse cycle. 
July is a month of eclipse transformation. Eclipses are the shakey-wakey time that always feels destabilizing and yet provides the greatest truth-supportive, purge of the dark thats in the way, that happens all year.

Eclipses are times to walk extra slow, meditate more, nourish more deeply, listen more intently, and be unwilling to allow “bullshit,” to take over the truth.
Sometimes we have to stand up for what we love, or speak the truth and stand with it. Those are small tasks, in exchange for the purge of shadow we get to collaborate along with, as the eclipses are divine purges of “everything that is on its way toward death,” and are the preparers of the way for rebirth.

These are not energies of superficial or non-powerful nature, they are the most powerful volatile energies we encounter on this surf-board walking on earth. To pay “extra attention,” during these times is to listen more deeply, to watch every step and to do everything with intention that resonates forward and backward–as we wish.

Author’s Note: I’m excited to honor a deeper state of meditation.  I will be spending less time “chatting,” and more time “meditating.” This is to honor a call from within, that is in time for the eclipse phase coming. Along with meditation I will also do readings, because readings are like meditation.  Readings are available : e-mail or text; 505-226-3382 for timing.

To contribute to the wolf-pack-supportive animal work, CLICK HERE to se our latest fundraising campaign. The requirements for funding for our new phase are way bigger than our request amount. Simply feeding and taking steps to build this eco-farm, require funding, this campaign is only asking for a small part of what will be needed long-term, however it makes a big difference and allows us to keep taking the steps we take every day. 

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