June 18, 2019 – Grunge, Traction and Catharsis

Ooooh what an intense time arising in this Full Moon light. SATURN SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:47 am pdt/ 5:47 am mdt/ 6:47 am cdt/ 7:47 am edt] is a nice dynamic between structure and flow, organization and commitment with surrender, and fluidity.

MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS [9:04 am pdt/ 10:04 am mdt/ 11:04 am cdt/ 12:04 edt] is an industrial aspect for each of us. Our mind with our actions. Watch anger and frustration and look to all your right actions.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [8:53 pm pdt/ 9:53 pm mdt/ 10:53 pm cdt/ 11:53 pm edt] can be a contraction excersize. Its time to re-evaluate comittments and timing. Its time to tighten everything until we let it go like a muscular excersize.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [8:59 pm pdt/ 9:59 pm mdt/ 10:59 pm cdt/ 11:59 am edt] is offering talks with divine in preparation for the catharsis aspects coming in the next two days.

MARS is OPPOSITE PLUTO  on Wednesday evening. This is a bit catharsis aspect. Its time to BREAK THROUGH in our power and action, presence and truth-telling.