May 31, 2019 – Waning Moon, Earthy Creation

MOON is CONJUNCT URANUS [6:26 am pdt/ 7:26 am mdt/ 8:26 am cdt/ 9:26 am edt] in the earthy Taurus as we awaken this morning. This is a bouyant, creative spark energy that generates community with breakthrough interconnectedness.

VENUS TRINE SATURN [8:26 am pdt/ 9:26 am mdt/ 10:26 am cdt/ 11:26 am edt] is a grounded aspect of harmonious creative completions.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [4:49 pm pdt/ 5:49 pm mdt/ 6:49 pm cdt/ 7:49 edt] is a Friday evening inspiration to action–go out! Dance! Kick the feet with a fleet of friends, this is a peaceful summertime waning moon with sweet inspiration.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO [8:14 pm pdt/ 9:14 pm mdt/ 10:14 pm cdt/ 11:14 pm edt] is still unwinding the awkward power issues that arose this power cycle. One last time–communication about power balancing.

May we allow the power-balancing cycle to wind down with inventive new community options.