May 30, 2019 – VOID MOON with expanded creativity

MOON is in fire Aries through dawn til early morning.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY in the middle of the night, for active dreaming.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:16 am pdt/ 3:16 am mdt/ 4:16 am cdt/ 5:16 am edt] is a corner of responsibility for our home and work balance.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4:21 am pdt/ 5:21 am mdt/ 6:21 am cdt/ 7:21 am edt] is an expanded good luck aspect bringing a nice good luck energy into the day, just before the MOON goes VOID the rest of the day.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [8:08 am pdt/ 9:08 am mdt/ 10:08 am cdt/ 11:08 am edt] is the last aspect from MOON in Aries, before MOON is into the VOID all day between Aries and Taurus. This aspect is another square of home catharsis, and the power of change.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [8:19 am pdt/ 9:19 am mdt/ 10:19 am cdt/ 11:19 edt] is an aspect of mental awkwardness. The mind may feel that the structures and larger forces of the world are beyond it–they are. Things not aligned today, can call out for what they need to balance and align in the near future.

VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE [9:50 am pdt/ 10:50 am mdt/ 11:50 am cdt/ 12:50 pm edt] brings in divine creativity and a flow of grace. Into the VOID in an awkward time with good luck and the power cycle coming down to completion, there’s a “letting go,” of the last cycle. This aspect supports the letting go with creative learning and flow.

MERCURY OPPOSITE JUPITER [8:11 pm pdt/ 9:11 pm mdt/ 10:11 pm cdt/ 11:11 pm edt] is an aspect of expansion of the mind. The mind may not understand or have a hold on all that is going on in the world, and thats ok, all it has to do is pray, let go, expand and go higher with its arrows of intent.

MOON leaves the VOID of the day and enters grounded radical Taurus (radical because planet Uranus is there now),[9:43 pm pdt/ 10:43 pm mdt/ 11:43 pm cdt/ 12:43 am late night edt] giving us a supportive night after a potentially slippery day in the Void Moon (in-between) time.

There are subtle ways of balancing power. As the balancing power cycle, peaked with a Full Moon in Scorpio, it now wanes down to the completion of this balancing act.  May we exhale the detoxes of the cycle, inhaling the new life of the next.