May 29, 2019 – Companions Through the Chaos

SUN in Sassy Gemini is SEXTILE MOON in Fresh Awakening Aries. This day can be some fun, light, laughing, toes in the air, either in flight or laughing delight.

(Aries’ ruling planet) [4:30 am pdt/ 5:30 am mdt/ 6:30 am cdt/ 7:30 am edt] making for a lil action alchemy. There may be resistance or a limitation to overcome–thats the work of a square. Some say “its the end of the American Empire,” . . . “its falling.” . . . . “what to do?” Get out of its way, they say; Get out of its way. Those who “survive the tower falling,” are leaping off the shore of this crumbling false culture, held in place only by the mind, leaping off to fly free of the crumbling old world.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE [6:22 pm pdt/ 7:22 pm mdt/ 8:22 pm cdt/ 9:22 am edt] is a corner of overcoming deception, psychic testing, and “going with the flow.” Everything we do in life, on some level, begins as energy, starts as a desire, or a movement in energy. This is a day to be aware of energy and work with discomfort through the grace of the creator, prayer, honor and kind communications.

There’s always expansion going on–we are evolving, growing beings. Tomorrow is an expansion day.

May the square’s that test us, ask us to overcome things, may they be touched with the grace of the creator, as we leap hurdles and communicate through crevaces.

. . . .
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