May 27, 2019 – Watery Memorial Day

MOON SQUARE MERCURY, with the moon in Pisces [at 1:07 AM PDT/ 2:07 AM MDT/ 3:07 AM CDT/ 4:07 AM EDT] lays the way for communications work in the day!

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [4:52 AM PDT/ 5:52 AM MDT/ 6:52 AM CDT/ 7:52 AM EDT]  brings sweetness and kindness; it also calls our creativity forward.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [12:40 PM PDT/1:40 PM MDT/ 2:40 PM CDT/ 3:40 PM EDT] brings flow, water and a fluid vision, easily co-created with the divine.

[3:22 PM PDT/4:22 PM MDT/5:22 PM CDT/6:22 PM EDT] offers a good feeling of balanced work.  Perhaps on a day where more than half the US is on vacation, perhaps we can really focus and get stuff done that we’ve wanted to get done a long time, or “taking the day off,” provides a stable nourishing substance.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [5:54 PM PDT 6:54 PM MDT 7:54 PM CDT 8:54 PM EDT] is more work of the best kind, stretching into our greatness, our generosity, our ability to be kind and uphold higher principles, we are GROWING!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [9:21 PM PDT/10:21 PM MDT/ 11:21 PM CDT/  12:21 AM EDT late night] offers more expanded awakening opportunity! What a Memorial day. May we allow the soulfulness of the deaths of men in war, to open our hearts, invite us to make prayers that “complete war,” and soulfully honor the awful history of war we’ve endured through time. What a Pluto-Powerful idea that it can end.  With this aspect moon goes void till morning when it moves into Aries at 11:32 AM PDT

Blessings in this Memorial Day, to all those who have served, suffered, died, been killed, or left the earth in (perhaps unecessarily). May they feel our gratitude and honor for going before us, for tolerating the intolerable at times. Blessings to our history. May we put it to rest, as we move into a new era, one where war is simply obsolete because we grew past it.