May 21, 2019 – Sun into Gemini – zipping through the wheel!

SUN entered Gemini early pre-dawn this morning.

Mercury joined just a few hours later [3:52 am pdt/ 4:52 am mdt/ 5:52 am cdt/ 6:52 am edt] bringing us super charged communications season! The two meet today too! for more supercharging. Sometimes the Solar power with mercury, though genius and explosive with break-through energy, can create exhaustion, as we all process increased energy, and meanwhile (solar flares!) SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [6:07 am pdt/ 7:07 am mdt/ 8:07 am cdt/ 9:07 pm edt] come together making beautiful geometry a few times a year, now again, lighting up communications, bringing light, light and dancing more light! This may be welcome after the Wild Uranian Taurus-Scorpio FULL MOON! Now sliding down off the Full Moon peak, we have this expansion of light into the realm of communications! This is a good day to communicate widely, and tomorrow, as sometimes the actual conjunction is a fiery ball inside to unfurl with cool peaceful inner dialogue.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [7:35 am pdt/ 8:35 am mdt/ 9:35 am cdt/ 10:35 am edt] offers big wide energy. We’ve called for a lot from within, longed for something, taken actions, now more action, working with anger, and little powers, little actions. May we utilize the opposition here with Mars to see right action and plan well to take actions in sync with the “higher path.”

MOON TRINE URANUS [8:43 am pdt/ 9:43 am mdt/ 10:43 am cdt/ 11:43 am edt] offers “pure magic,” into the mix. May we remember the power of intent and invisible thought/feeling. May we be well with the invisible world. Prayer, candles, secret conversations with rocks, all assist us.

MOON TRINE VENUS (still very close with Uranus) making for a wild feminine right now. She’s just free, expanding, and alive with multi-everything-that-is-her-ness!

May we honor the wild divine feminine within!
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:
Readings are available! Its a . . “what a time!”