May 17, 2019 – Radical States of Beingness Unfolding

Still in the building creative energy of the FULL MOON coming, we also ride the powerful transformative energy of MOON OPPOSITE VENUS and URANUS, peaking yesterday. This is powerful transformative energy that can emanate from authentic heart’s embodiment, into form.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:03 pm pst/ 11:03 pm mst/ 12:03 am cst/ 1:03 am late night est] brings divine grace and flow to whatever we know. As we have the courage to take the action that is “ours to take,” may we allow grace to guide and flow us like a river.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO [10:46 pm pst/ 11:46 pm mst/ 12:46 am cst/ 1:46 am late night est] is more intention, more power, more alignment. This is not a time to “take too lightly,” in the sense that it is a “manifesting one’s heart and soul,” time, so not something to miss paying attention for. This is a time to be courageous, clear and precise. 

FULL MOON is tomorrow [2:11 pm pst/ 3:11 pm mst/ 4:11 pm cst/ 5:11 pm est] . May we all intend clearly, that which empowers our hearts purest desires.

FULL MOON is the fruition and the peak, where our personal and collective energy rises to a peak then comes back down to rest and regenerate, to start that cycle again. Its a powerful time to do the things that matter most, as the energy begins to come down toward rest, from the peak tomorrow afternoon.

May we ride and lift with intent, the FULL MOON coming.
. . . . . . .
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