May 15, 2019 – Mid Month Mind Renewal

We are in the middle of May in a year that is speeding along in the time speeded up way. MOON in airy Libra asks our mind for diplomacy, relational capabilities and a healthy bathing of the mind in divine intention.

VENUS enters Taurus this morning from Aries. This brings love from fiery activations and solo inner work and movements of creative expression, to a planting season, feet in the dirt, and moving into the beauty of flowers, sunshine and summertime.

MERCURY SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:21 pm pst/ 7:21 pm mst/ 8:21 pm cst/ 9:21 pm est] is a divine mental clearing, cleaning. What are we thinking about? Time for an upgrade in thinking. The divine is ready with mental sponges. Time to clean the mind, with divine soap.

MARS enters Cancer [8:10 pm pst/ 9:10 pm mst/ 10:10 pm cst/ 11:10 pm est] activating mother and healing for feminine interacting parts. Mothering is for everyone and everything and all of us have mothering instinct to care for each other. The fertility season of gardening and planting is calling us to put our hands and feet and belly in the soil!

MOON SQUARE SATURN [10:00 pm pst/ 11 pm mst/ 12 midnight cst/ 1 am est] offers gentle inspirations to overcome the limitations before us. This evening, the feeling of overcoming the limitations may rise up in this square–its good to “sleep on it,” pray on it, and allow the energies to overcome themselves sometimes.

May the mental clearing of mid may be a cleaning clearing renewing way to meditate our mind into peace and tranquility.
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
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