May 10, 2019 – Awkward Transitions and Communications Stretches

MOON enters Leo [6:14 am pst/ 7:14 am mst/ 8:14 am cst/ 9:14 am est] bringing fire into the earth opening of Uranian Taurus. Leo is the constant fire, like the sun, that never goes out. It is the place in us that never stops shining its love. That constant shining, can clear the clouds of mental thinking, of physical messes and issues, and shine away the dirt, the cobwebs, just shine it through radiance, emerges uplifting upgrades!

MOON in this constant fire sign, of Leo, SQUARES URANUS waking up solid Taurus. When the light of dawn pierces the darkness for the first time, it can be blinding for some, the end, for others, and the beginning for another. This shift from night to day, is a shift of elemental energy. In this way, we’re shifting the elemental under-fabric that is under our whole world. There is change in the very fabric we live inside of, walk upon and breathe with. SHIFTS HAPPEN! The little elemental friends–their quality of light, energy and mode is shifting in the changing of era’s! Can you feel that shift? Its awkward, for change like this to occur, and yet its time, its appropriate, its a new energy. May we welcome the new energy, directives and life, even though they may feel strange or new.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [8:33 pm pst/ 9:33 pm mst/ 10:33 pm cst/ 11:33 pm est] offers a request for more or better or clearer communications. In our places of home, of history, of working out the details of life, communications is the key. Its time to expand the communications potentials, upgrade in store! The square’s are a call to action, to attention, to build, shift, renew, feed, undertake, or revise.

May we blow away the energies falling, those expiring, clearing the way for the words of intent, of newness and radiant grace, the constant light, emerging new things.

May we honor the newness, the life, change healing and resurrection that occurs in this life.

2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig!  Innocent Earth Loving.

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