May 7, 2019 – Working Creative Corners

This May Month is the month of the “Awakening Bull!” With Uranus in early Taurus, its zapping and initiating everything coming through early Taurus with its Awakening punch of light! 

The MOON was NEW on May 4th, in the afternoon and evening. That made Cinco de Mayo special this year, in the early waxing beginning of the May lunar cycle was initiated in this special day of five. Five, numerologically, is connected to radical breakthrough energy. This is Uranian energy was under the roots of the soil of the month of May. MOON CONJUNCTED URANUS in this lunar cycle, just before the NEW MOON of Taurus. Bringing about the Awakening Bull energy this month!  Uranus in Taurus will revolutionize our experience of the Earth.

In this revolutionary, era-shifting context: 2019 continues to be an “eye of the needle” year. The old world is dying and a new world is being born–this process is the underground of all our journeys this year.

Today MOON in air Gemini, flying off the shaking ground of Taurus Uranified. is SQUARE NEPTUNE [5:15 am pst/ 6:15 am mst/ 7:15 am cst/ 8:15 am est] is a corner of the leap of faith between the worlds. Old world to New World. Its ok not to “know,” and yet to “know.”

VENUS SQUARE SATURN [6:26 am pst/ 7:26 am mst/ 8:26 am cst/ 9:26 am est] is revealing of the creative work we each have in our lives, to be in our heart and soul’s journey. We have our art, our creativity that must come out. SATURN just changed recently to go RETROGRADE, bringing it toward PLUTO and a tightening industrious SATURN-PLUTO dynamic requiring us to push into our true work with force and intention.

[9:35 am pst/ 10:35 am mst/ 11:35 am cst/ 12:35 am est] reminds us of the harmony of nature and our inner feminine who “knows,” like nature does. Our inner knowing has a way of guiding that is not logical and can emerge from our ability to move toward our inner feelings and drives. We can friend ourself today, listening to our guidance.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [2:10 pm pst/ 3:10 pm mst/ 4:10 pm cst/ 5:10 pm est] reminds us that expansion and growth are the effects of being alive, especially in the spring-time. Its GROW time. We are expanding in consciousness to house the new era consciousness needed for this new human experience coming.

[4:50 pm pst/ 5:50 pm mst/ 6:50 pm cst/ 7:50 pm est] brings a Tuesday (mars-day) evening of action. There’s energy in this evening to take action! May we act as we know, upon that inner knowing that is shining so bright!  Handle Anger, Passion and Aggressive People with Care!

May this waxing spring lunar season bring insight and much awaited growth toward the light. May we focus our power on our creative calling.

. . . . . . .

Note from Author: We apologize for the interruption of Star Weather Whale’s Daily Blogs! is in midst of upgrading our website and entire astrological interface! We thought it would be finished by now, its still in process, so we are continuing with this blog even in the transition now. We look forward to sharing the new site soon–with free dowloads accessible from the site! I wanted you all to be able to access downloads yourselves, and many other things I wanted to share!  They are coming with the upgraded site! Stay tuned!