April 8, 2019 – Earth to Air – Leap of Empowerment

Sunday was as rich, full and busy as a whole week of life, all in one day. Today, monday, there’s a simple penetrating shift that looks more like surrender to a rainbow bird in our presence, than all the work of the military industrial mind, attempting to solve problems. 

The rainbow bird is a divine option, appearing out of life that perhaps has been there all along, but now it flies in front of us like a rainbow bird.

MOON TRINE PLUTO in earth is the final earthly act of power as the MOON is at the end of Taurus, Trining Power-Pluto in Capricorn.[1:29 am pdt/ 2:29 am mdt/ 3:29 am cdt/ 4:29 am edt] sends the MOON into the VOID between earth and air, between Taurus and Gemini.

MOON lands in Gemini,
for tweety chatty happy talking and writing, opening into flight from grounded ideas and real divine earth-emergent options. [2:15 pm pdt/ 3:15 pm mdt/ 4:15 pm cdt/ 5:15 pm edt] This MOON leaves the VOID of in-between, to the rythm of flight.

May we enjoy the rythm of divine trust, flight, and the opportunities that come from listening with an open mind and heart.

Cheers to the unfolding, unfurling energy of our clear intention, as we rise into the flowering of summer. Each one will flower, intentions held dear. Each one has that coming–that universal light that flowers us, our intentions–each year–at this time.
Author’s Note:  I’ve been as busy as a hummingbird with no landing pad, buzzing around and around, looking at land, working a new job, and keeping the pack fed. I’ve not had a home base for myself since September, as I couch surf, look for land, stay in temporary places, look for a semi-permanent perch in town for being prepared for this committed regular mon-fri job! Some of you may run across me if you are in Santa Fe. It looks like I may finally be landing in a little spot in this next few days. Meanwhile–land is opening all over for the pack and the farming village. We have options! Tax season is coming and as soon as I’ve landed, Thank you letters should come shooting out of the stability, office, desk as soon as the stable spot is finalized. The stable spot will have a phone and READINGS will happen again. (readings have stopped due to buzzing around in mid air!) From the new spot: Locals can visit and phone readings will take place mornings, evenings and weekends!

As I move into a spot, and stop the buzzing in mid-air, I resume my requests for support feeding the pack! It takes a village to carry an ark! CLICK HERE To help feed the pack! 

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