April 3, 2019 – End of Cycle Powerful Action

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [6:09 am pdt/ 7:09 am mdt/ 8:09 am cdt/ 9:09 am edt] is a powerful loaded deck

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [8:36 am pdt/ 9:36 am mdt/ 10:36 am cdt/ 11:36 am edt] is a final Pisces corner of expanded grace possible before the MOON goes VOID til evening

MOON is VOID today from [8:36 am pdt until it enters Aries at 7:56 pm pdt]

MARS SEXTILE CHIRON [8:39 pm pdt/ 9:39 am mdt/ 10:39 pm cdt/ 11:39 pm edt] is actions we take that are healing actions. Chiron and Mars together have soulful messages to hear.