March 28, 2019 – MERCURY DIRECT TODAY! ALL PLANETS DIRECT NOW! Moon Waning last quarter

MERCURY stops to go direct at [6:59 am pdt/ 7:59 am mdt/ 8:59 am cdt/ 9:59 am edt] There’s always that celebration from the Mercury-Retrograde-Fearers, that when Mercury goes Direct, everything that may not have been working, and everything that was delayed, can move forward now! Sometimes it really is like this, and sometimes, like in a sign like Pisces, where it is now, it can be a circular journey of learning, that “changes our mind,” and reminds us of peace, harmony, and the collaborative awe-of-spirit-filled presence that makes humans divine.

MERCURY moves forward now, to spend 3 weeks going back over the places of learning, as it moves forward over each degree of Pisces that was retrograded. We are in our authentic spiritual path, may we work with this divine human relationship and notice what has occurred to reconnect us with our true spiritual path.

a waning gentle MOON in Capricorn SEXTILE MERCURY (DIRECT NOW) in Pisces [2:48 pm pdt/ 3:48 pm mdt/ 4:48 pm cdt/ 5:48 pm edt] This earth to water receptivity is a song, a seed-planting, a genuine reflection that bears fruit! The satisfaction of the feeling of moving forward, like walking on wet ground ready for planting.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:33 pm pdt/ 5:33 pm mdt/ 6:33 pm cdt/ 7:33 pm edt] connects the inner waning moon, asking for meditation and quiet, to connect with the river of divine energy that guides, elicits, heals and nourishes. May we follow the “river,” where it takes us toward balance, and healing.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN (Capricorn Capricorn)–the earth! Its seed planting time! Its time for new gardens and new plans, new holes for new seeds, and new space for new partnerships, new infrastructure to support the new earth, and new everything.  Saturn is where the rubber meets the road and where seeds meet the dirt. Its where our psyche meets the earth plane with pute intent and we incarnate life into form.

May we incarnate the intentions and directives of our forward-moving-path-ahead! May we communicate clearly as Mercury moves forward and we enter a time when ALL PLANETS ARE DIRECT! –until April  10th, when Jupiter goes retro. May we honor the direct motion of all planets at this time and enjoy our newly refined perspective. 

March 27, 2019 – Earthing Slow Down Meditation

MOON enters Capricorn this morning [7:07 am pdt/ 8:07 am mdt/ 9:07 am cdt/ 10:07 am am] for good grounding into the earth. This is a good time for planting seeds as the moon is waning bringing the energy down into earth, and Capricorn is the earth in its most simple, like digging and planting seeds!

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [9:06 am pdt/ 10:06 am mdt/ 11:06 am cdt/ 12:06 pm edt] is a sweet harmonious aspect of creative genius, when combined with URANUS. (VENUS, MOON and URANUS today bring creative genius!)

MOON TRINE URANUS [9:10 am pdt/ 10:10 am mdt/ 11:10 am cdt/ 12:10 pm edt] for home base revolution and revelation.

VENUS SEXTILE URANUS [9:45 am pdt/ 10:45 am mdt/ 11:45 am cdt/ 12:45 am edt] is the creative genius of the invisible world and our hands and heart working together.

SUN SQUARE MOON [9:10 pm pdt/ 10:10 pm mdt/ 11:10 pm cdt/ 12:10 am late night edt] is the last quarter square as the MOON wanes down to the dark resting quarter of this lunar cycle.

MERCURY is slowing down today to go direct tomorrow morning [6:59 am pdt] this is a change in cycle that is much appreciated by many, as the circular and introspective changing energy of Mercury Retrograde can be confusing or internally upside-down feeling. The universe is changing us, espcially our minds, so as this MERCURY RETROGRADE (three week adventure)–unwinds, we may notice a deep consciousness shift, or a psyche rearranging, or a mental upgrade as a result of the last three weeks.

May the alchemical mercury circles be wise and produce a new year of blooming wisdom enhanced humanity! 

March 26, 2019 – Fire Moon Work Through the Unknown

MOON in visionary Sagittarius SQUARE MERCURY RETROGRADING–Slowing Down, coming to the end of this THREE WEEK MERCURY RETROGRADE in Pisces.

(Mercury’s Retrogrades this year are all in the Water signs):
This one: in March: Pisces,
then: in July:Cancer,  (during another Eclipse season):
November: Scorpio

This Mercury Retrograde now slowing down, coming to a close of this alchemical inner work of mind refinement is in spiritual Pisces.

In some (recognized or unrecognized form) thisMERCURY RETROGRADE has been a SACRED JOURNEY BACK to our SPIRITUAL ROOTS, our SPIRITUAL HOME, and our Spiritual Practices of our Within.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [6:07 am pdt/ 7:07 am mdt/ 8:07 am cdt/ 9:07 am edt] is another corner of good spiritual work. Changing form, as we are now from an old human to a new human, an old way to a new way, this is a special kind of inner work. We are working a big divine picture!

VENUS enters Pisces [12:43 pm pdt/ 1:43 pm mdt/ 2:43 pm cdt/ 3:43 pm edt] the inner artist, inner feminine joins the party in watery spiritual celebration. Its time to be fluid to what is flowing before us. Divinity in us, we are fingers, may we be the fingers of the Creator.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [7:37 pm pdt/ 8:37 pm mdt/ 9:37 pm cdt/ 10:37 pm edt] brings an abundant evening of expanded mind. After a day of spiritual work, there is a gifting in the evening.


March 25, 2019 – Fire Trine Spring Day

This week the MOON is waning, and its a good time for planting seeds–especially toward the second half of the week as the MOON enters Capricorn, with the waning moon, pulling the energy down into the ground.

MOON TRINE SUN [7:30 am pdt/ 8:30 am mdt/ 9:30 am cdt/ 10:30 am edt] today Sagittarius to Aries, and we are inspired in our new beginnings! This is the only aspect today, making it a light creative day of uplifting fire signs. 

Mercury is slowing down in its Retrograde this week to STATION to GO DIRECT on Thursday the 28th at [6:59 am pdt[. After Mercury’s change back to DIRECT, we will have until April 9th with ALL PLANETS DIRECT from March 28-April 9th. This is a powerful time of direct motion after a super watery inner-spirit-world retrograde.

March 24, 2019 – Communications that Flow – Water to Fire

This past FULL MOON rose up in Libra/Aries, then MOON moved to watery Scorpio for intense focus of power, possibility of obsession or any other shadow material to have voice.

Today MOON is still in Scorpio til late tonight, when it moves to Sagittarius, carrying all the work of that Full Moon toward fiery creative inspired vision.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [12:10 am pdt/ 1:10 am mdt/ 2:10 am cdt/ 3:10 am edt] invites communications that flow. MERCURY is retrograde in Pisces, TRINING MOON in Scorpio, there’s a watery depth to everything right now. Our feelings guide the way.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [4:25 am pdt/ 5:25 am mdt/ 6:25 am cdt/ 7:25 am edt] supports a grounding of our power into form.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [10:29 am pdt/ 11:29 am mdt/ 12:29 pm cdt/ 1:29 pm edt] is the most fluid mind possible. Mercury is RETROGRADE, in Pisces, and CONUNCT the Water Planet!Our mind must change, let go of rigidities and attachments to things not working, and allow the Divine to shape the mind into what is needed for our future life.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [10:30 am pdt/ 11:30 am mdt/ 12:30 pm cdt/ 1:30 pm edt] offers a friendly linkup from larger forces to our little self–can we focus these larger forces into little creative intentions?

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [3:37 pm pdt/ 4:37 pm mdt/ 5:37 pm cdt/ 6:37 pm edt] is a big action. Right Action is called for, on behalf of our innermost self.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [7:24 pm pdt/ 8:24 pm mdt/ 9:24 pm cdt/ 10:24 pm edt] has the MOON highlighting the VENUS MARS SQUARE that was exact the day after the Spring Equinox, on Thursday. We are still coming off the “psychological work-out,” of that VENUS SQUARE MARS.

MOON enters Sagittarius [11:06 pm pdt/ 12:06 am mdt/ 1:06 am cdt/ 2:06 am edt] for a late night release of arrows from the bow of collected distilled emotional process. From all our feelings lately, we can distill arrows of vision this late night and into tomorrow!