March 28, 2019 – MERCURY DIRECT TODAY! ALL PLANETS DIRECT NOW! Moon Waning last quarter

MERCURY stops to go direct at [6:59 am pdt/ 7:59 am mdt/ 8:59 am cdt/ 9:59 am edt] There’s always that celebration from the Mercury-Retrograde-Fearers, that when Mercury goes Direct, everything that may not have been working, and everything that was delayed, can move forward now! Sometimes it really is like this, and sometimes, like in a sign like Pisces, where it is now, it can be a circular journey of learning, that “changes our mind,” and reminds us of peace, harmony, and the collaborative awe-of-spirit-filled presence that makes humans divine.

MERCURY moves forward now, to spend 3 weeks going back over the places of learning, as it moves forward over each degree of Pisces that was retrograded. We are in our authentic spiritual path, may we work with this divine human relationship and notice what has occurred to reconnect us with our true spiritual path.

a waning gentle MOON in Capricorn SEXTILE MERCURY (DIRECT NOW) in Pisces [2:48 pm pdt/ 3:48 pm mdt/ 4:48 pm cdt/ 5:48 pm edt] This earth to water receptivity is a song, a seed-planting, a genuine reflection that bears fruit! The satisfaction of the feeling of moving forward, like walking on wet ground ready for planting.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:33 pm pdt/ 5:33 pm mdt/ 6:33 pm cdt/ 7:33 pm edt] connects the inner waning moon, asking for meditation and quiet, to connect with the river of divine energy that guides, elicits, heals and nourishes. May we follow the “river,” where it takes us toward balance, and healing.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN (Capricorn Capricorn)–the earth! Its seed planting time! Its time for new gardens and new plans, new holes for new seeds, and new space for new partnerships, new infrastructure to support the new earth, and new everything.  Saturn is where the rubber meets the road and where seeds meet the dirt. Its where our psyche meets the earth plane with pute intent and we incarnate life into form.

May we incarnate the intentions and directives of our forward-moving-path-ahead! May we communicate clearly as Mercury moves forward and we enter a time when ALL PLANETS ARE DIRECT! –until April  10th, when Jupiter goes retro. May we honor the direct motion of all planets at this time and enjoy our newly refined perspective. 

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  1. Good information… and timing. Thanks Azlan. In exactly that modality. Find it so fitting having experienced a surge of harmonious thinking and confluences just yesterday and this morning. Extraordinarily so.

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