March 26, 2019 – Fire Moon Work Through the Unknown

MOON in visionary Sagittarius SQUARE MERCURY RETROGRADING–Slowing Down, coming to the end of this THREE WEEK MERCURY RETROGRADE in Pisces.

(Mercury’s Retrogrades this year are all in the Water signs):
This one: in March: Pisces,
then: in July:Cancer,  (during another Eclipse season):
November: Scorpio

This Mercury Retrograde now slowing down, coming to a close of this alchemical inner work of mind refinement is in spiritual Pisces.

In some (recognized or unrecognized form) thisMERCURY RETROGRADE has been a SACRED JOURNEY BACK to our SPIRITUAL ROOTS, our SPIRITUAL HOME, and our Spiritual Practices of our Within.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [6:07 am pdt/ 7:07 am mdt/ 8:07 am cdt/ 9:07 am edt] is another corner of good spiritual work. Changing form, as we are now from an old human to a new human, an old way to a new way, this is a special kind of inner work. We are working a big divine picture!

VENUS enters Pisces [12:43 pm pdt/ 1:43 pm mdt/ 2:43 pm cdt/ 3:43 pm edt] the inner artist, inner feminine joins the party in watery spiritual celebration. Its time to be fluid to what is flowing before us. Divinity in us, we are fingers, may we be the fingers of the Creator.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [7:37 pm pdt/ 8:37 pm mdt/ 9:37 pm cdt/ 10:37 pm edt] brings an abundant evening of expanded mind. After a day of spiritual work, there is a gifting in the evening.


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