March 25, 2019 – Fire Trine Spring Day

This week the MOON is waning, and its a good time for planting seeds–especially toward the second half of the week as the MOON enters Capricorn, with the waning moon, pulling the energy down into the ground.

MOON TRINE SUN [7:30 am pdt/ 8:30 am mdt/ 9:30 am cdt/ 10:30 am edt] today Sagittarius to Aries, and we are inspired in our new beginnings! This is the only aspect today, making it a light creative day of uplifting fire signs. 

Mercury is slowing down in its Retrograde this week to STATION to GO DIRECT on Thursday the 28th at [6:59 am pdt[. After Mercury’s change back to DIRECT, we will have until April 9th with ALL PLANETS DIRECT from March 28-April 9th. This is a powerful time of direct motion after a super watery inner-spirit-world retrograde.

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