March 13, 2019 – Expanding the Small Self into Divinely Driven Forces of Spring

SUN SEXTILE PLUTO [7:29 am pst/ 8:29 am mst/ 9:29 am cst/ 10:29 am est] is a personal power “getting along,” with ourselves on a deeper level.

MOON TRINE VENUS [10:58 am pst/ 11:58 am mst/ 12:58 am cst/ 1:58 am est] brings feminine colors, dancing and art.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:43 pm pst/ 3:43 pm mst/ 4:43 pm cst/ 5:43 pm est] is the work of self meeting God. Big Self and little self, at times have to work, to meet, find one another and connect in a small self surrender to the bigger self, larger than oneself is guiding us and that is not always comfortable–however it is the way of the great river, always moving in a divine flow, from the greater perspective.

SUN SQUARE JUPITER [6:29 pm pst/ 7:29 pm mst/ 8:29 cst/ 9:29 est] is another kind of expansion. There’s the expansion of receiving, like having to stretch the banks of the river in a Neptune stretch, and with SUN-JUPITER,there’s a span of abundance, stretching into a bigger self. Allowing the divine to flow more and more and more through us–so we are vessels for blessings for others.


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