March 4, 2019 – Go Forth! Grow Light! Trickster Holds Mercury’s Retrograde Sparks

March 4th is the only day in the calendar year that is a command: Go Forth !

MERCURY is stationary tomorrow to turn Retrograde for 3 weeks in Pisces. Today’s Mercury is slowing down to stop and go back, as we enter more circular than linear time. This three week review and magic circle in Pisces is inviting us to the richness of spiritual practices we may have forgotten and reminding ourselves that the spiritual life matters because we are spirit before matter.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:30 am pst/ 9:30 am mst/ 10:30 am cst / 11:30 am est] opens an insightful path so we may see our own growth unfolding before us.

The Aquarius MOON is growing community. Even as MOON wanes holding secrets of dancing light to come.

. . . .

Authors Note: Mercury Retrograde is a great time for readings ; circular consciousness invites introspective progress. Readings: mornings and evenings CLICK HERE to schedule

Wolf Pack Update: we are in middle of transition : awkward and uncomfortable ; everything in upgrade ; websites ; location: everything in change for the better!

Donations to feed the pack appreciated! CLICK HERE

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