February 25, 2019 – Sweet Morning to VOID MOON

This is a sweet Monday for “the work we love.” MOON TRINE MERCURY [3:14 am pst/ 4:14 am mst/ 5:14 am cst/ 6:14 am est] communications is the key. These are communications with gravity due to the MOON in Scorpio, still this early morn.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [4:14 am pst/ 5:14 am mst/ 6:14 am cst/ 7:14 am est]is a sweet connection of heart, creativity, feminine taster experiences–like chocolate and other things we love! Yummmm!

This early morning sweetness sends the MOON into the VOID for nine hours of the day!!   [4:14 am pst through 1:19 pm pst]

MOON enters Sagittarius [1:19 pm pst/ 2:19 pm mst/ 3:19 pm cst/ 4:19 pm est] this water to fire entry is alchemical in nature. Sagittarius loves to honor and work with higher forces!