February 23, 2019 – Awakening Power Weekend!

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [7:11 am pst/ 8:11 mst/ 9:11 cst/ 10:11 est] is a wild movement of energy of release and freedom, of manifestation and radical shifting.

That sends the MOON into the VOID for a tiny moment between Libra and Scorpio this morning.

MOON enters Scorpio [7:56 am pst/ 8:56 am mst/ 9:56 am cst/ 10:56 am est] for a day of power. Like it or not–we each have power. Power in its pure form is really focus, soulful unfolding, the money that provides for our path, and the truth that arises in the midst of all of life.

MERCURY SEXTILE PLUTO [9:18 am pst 10:18 am mst/ 11:18 am cst/ 12:18 pm est] is power in our words thoughts and communications. Today our communications have power, as always, and today there’s extra focus.

SUN TRINE MOON [4:44 pm pst/ 5:44 pm mst/ 6:44 pm cst/ 7:44 pm est] offers the solar and lunar light link. This is good for men and women and all partners to align together and co-create! 

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [7:12 pm pst/ 8:12 pm mst/ 9:12 pm cst/ 10:12 pm est] is our instinct in motion again. This can be flare-upey, so watch anger and frustration as we work out “logistics,” or details of movement with others.

Tomorrow : has trines and sextiles with outer planets, so there’s grace on Sunday–as it should be.

. . . .
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