February 22, 2019 – Corners of Love, Money, Responsibility and Communication

MOON in partnersign Libra, SQUARES SATURN of solid things in its home sign of solid things–Capricorn. [10:20 am pst/ 11:20 am mst/ 12:20 pm cst/ 1:20 pm est] Responsibility for our clear intention. (and for always emptying the trash in all ways). 

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER [12:40 pm pst/ 1:40 pm mst/ 2:40 pm cst/ 3:40 pm est] is a communications stretch–perhaps so much happening at once–there’s juggling of the mind and focus. May we focus where there is easing up or fluid forward motion of the path–into the openings that seem lighter, more open, more colorful.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [4:56 pm pst/ 5:56 pm mst/ 6:56 pm cst/ 7:56 pm est] is this good feeling after we “stretched” and communicated into the stretch with others where called, where inspired, and where opened.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [6:46 pm pst/ 7:46 pm mst/ 8:46 pm cst/ 9:46 pm est] is a corner of love, creativity, comfort and homing. There’s work to do–to move in our love–forward–into the flowering solar cycle, even as the lunar energy wanes.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:52 pm pst/ 7:52 pm mst/ 8:52 pm cst/ 9:52 am est] is a transformative piece of work. Inner to outer, death to life, from challenge to rest. Can we breathe through the unfolding transitions of these times. Can we listen to the source of power within us? it knows how to act and move in these times.

TOMORROW: MOON OPPOSITE URANUS in the morning offers a radical shift like lightning striking–movement–changes! Wow! Then MOON enters Scorpio tomorrow for the rest of the day–of our power–focused for our own good and the benefit of all. We are learning to use power WITH others not OVER others.
. . . . . .
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