February 21, 2019 – Soulful Partners

MOON enters Libra this morning, for an open day. There are no active planetary aspects today–after yesterday’s so much going on! Libra is airy, light and interested in others!

Libra–is so like a good friend. 

The MOON is waning, after peaking full in the Virgo-Pisces axis/realms. The FULL MOON –in the areas of detail, and healing is still lighting up the three day on either side–portal.

Virgo can be associated directly with Chiron, and secondarily with Mercury. I enjoy the clear connection between Chiron, now in Aries, and its ruling sign of the balancing, healing sign of Virgo. (not only God, also balance and healing arise out of attention to details). God is in the details.

Today–take a deep breath–for tomorrow is another busy day of many aspects! 
. . . . .
Author’s Note: This year has been a marathon. Its an improvement from the marathon of last year at this time, however, I’ve been running running the wolf dog marathon! I have free gifts and a whole year of interesting energy description–today–i’ll get a little ahead–so you’ll be able to click on at least one or two days ahead! Because of the inspiration of one astrology client who is an “energy sensitive,” he would like this information in advance–which is often intended and then the wolf marathon ensues!

After years of running this well-deserved-mission-driven-marathon–its bearing the fruit of more understanding, and more stability amidst that marathon! So stay tuned! A weekly audio podcast about the week ahead, and a few other surprises that were planned a long time ago–just take their time–coming.

READINGS–I’m just out of the snowy bushes ! It was exquisite beauty back there! That female wolf chose a beautiful spot to hang out in!  It has been really good for me to be more connected with where she is–in communicating with her and staying connected with her as she travels solo through this wild.  Now back in civilization, readings are available with flexible timing.  CLICK HERE to make a donation of 35-170 to get started. Readings assist you with clarity in focusing your intent and attention on the best uses of your energy, as it is moving through cycles and changes with the larger wheel of time. Right timing, right season, and the fruition of your inner self in this wheel of time is a balm to any confusion or unclarity. Kill confusion with your own inner knowing magnified.

DONATIONS to the WOLF PACK, we still need support FEEDING the PACK, until we land and create farming sustainability–coming! ANY AMOUNT-CLICK HERE: GRR Inc. is a 501.c3 non profit corporation. All donations are tax deductable as per IRS code.