February 20, 2019 – Full Moon Portal with Multi-Contact

The FULL MOON was yesterday morning–in details-of-our-dreams–Virgo with the Full Sun growing our dreams in Pisces. This is a portal of growth so strong! There is a three day portal with FULL MOON on the middle day. (Today still in the potent portal or: tightest ring)–then three days on either side there’s this wider portal, open bringing a mini season of fruition or “seeing”.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:22 am pst/ 8:22 am mst/ 9:22 am cst/ 10:22 am est] Brings a path “into the unknown!” Ooooh maybe we cannot seeeeee? It’s ok!! Just follow the feelings toward the better feelings–as we do each have an internal compass-and each one functions a little differently and we can all “feel our way through the unknown!”

MOON TRINE SATURN [9:32 am pst/ 10:32 am mst/ 11:32 am cst/ 12:32 pm est] is a sweet song from earth to the inner heaven. Earth to our “inner higher self,” : “it’s landing time!”

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [11:11 am pst/ 12:11 pm mst/ 1:11 pm cst/ 2:11 pm est] (near Neptune) offers communications that may be “confusing in some way,” due to Neptune’s gift of “the unknown,” and still they are clear directional guides. (For example a snow storm causes me to stay in a place longer–this opens mystery and possibility–though to what is unknown.)

MOON TRINE VENUS [1:44 pm pst/ 2:44 pm mst/ 3:44 pm cst/ 4:44 pm est] is the balm on all the other energies of opposition or testing toward clearer vision. This Trine is creative and soothing like a best female friend. Today is our test of faith and direction possible then the affection of the Mother Earth, or her people. Affection and Creativity soothe the feeling hearts of beings.

FULL MOON SQUARE JUPITER [3:41 pm pst/ 4:41 pm mst/ 5:41 pm cst/ 6:41 pm est] reveals a “stretch,” into faith based following of the step by step details that were and are revealed now.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [5:52 pm pst/ 6:52 pm mst/ 7:52 pm cst/ 8:52 pm est] is a deep soulful connection or divine sacred power contact–as we move forward inside this portal of light!

May we remember and focus the power of energetically potent times like this!

Authors Note: Wow! Incredible times! I love being in the middle of the snowstorm even though I didn’t plan for it or know it was coming! I had run off to look for Magnolia mama wolf. Now I’m on a big white weeklong adventure with all kinds of openings I didn’t know were coming!

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