February 18, 2019 – Forward Motion with SELF HEALING REVOLUTION!

CHIRON enters Aries pre-dawn today [1:10 am pst/ 2:10 am mst/ 3:10 am cst/ 4:10 am est] from deep diving in Pisces for years. The ACT OF HEALING, was in the realm of Pisces–a foggy, collective place where insurance matters. A place of homeopathics and perhaps natural medicine but it may not be clear or understood in the “great ocean of healing.” With CHIRON entering ARIES–things will go from foggy to clear. From overwhelming, confusing, ocean, collective, to INDIVIDUAL “self healing.” There is no more “self responsible place,” for healing than Aries. So we can watch as the whole realm of healing moves into a clearer, more self-responsible, each individual’s health journey–kinda way of healing.

This is wonderful for new up and coming individual healers and health coaches who focus on each one’s own healing journey, and not so great for insurance or drug companies. Aries is more into “the truth,” in health, than
Pisces was, opposite–illusion and lies exist in the great ocean for those willing to float those boats. Things will become more revealed and there will be more choices in health as we move forward with CHIRON in Aries.

WITH ALL PLANETS FORWARD there is quite some forward motion! The only things retrograde right now are asteroids, (which tend to refer to the many parts of the feminine)–the deep retrospective healing–is noticing the fragmented Goddess, in all her forms, but especially the “love goddess,” SAPPHO, she is the asteroid retrograding now, with all else direct. We return to the deep feminine heart, even as we fly ahead with forward manifestation and motion, our deep feminine heart returns to all that she loves for reweaving, mending and re-loving. Meanwhile LILITH and PALLAS are about to stop for a retro-fit.They may have our attention in the next few days as well as the feminine reveals her history, of oppression and her ability to stand up as Pallas (her masculine-friendly form) and share the business and money side of things.  
These Goddesses are all speaking–reweaving the fragmented feminine back together,
meanwhile the poignant asteroid leader, CHIRON, heads into Aries for the wisdom of Self Healing to open widely to us now and many years to come. Self Healing Journeys are In! Wooo Hooo!

Along with CHIRON’s mighty impactful entry into Aries energy, VENUS CONJUNCTS SATURN [2:52 am pst/ 3:52 pm mst/ 3:52 pm cst/ 4:52 am est] for creatively grounding and equally impactful choices and creations.

SUN makes a sea change today as well: into Pisces from Aquarius. [3:04 pm pst/ 4:04 pm mst/ 5:04 pm cst/ 6:04 pm est] Air to Water–this is a more psychic, open receptive time of year. In this early spring, there is the innocence of sprouting flowers everywhere. Also the unseen sprouts are secretly brewing, unclear as to what color and form they will take, so our focus at this time on the flowers we are cultivating is important, in the sea of attention-distracting going around.

This solar shift takes us toward the FULL MOON tomorrow morning! (FULL MOON BLOG TOMORROW). This is a FULL MOON in Virgo–all the little details of the garden!  Even though the SUN in Pisces, speaks to the unknown–where we cannot quite see what is being created, (grown) even as we nurture the seeds! Nurture the seeds and dreams NOW!

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4 pm pst/ 5 pm mst/ 6 pm cst/ 7 pm est] is a sweet opening in this evening–as the soft energy of Sun in Pisces enters, our emotional space can open to the magic of life, to the grace of the unknown as spring lifts us with more innocent fresh light.

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [10:37 pm pst/ 11:37 pm mst/ 12:37 pm cst/ 1:37 pm est] is our mind (a virgo kinda place) is conjunct the fluid water planet–for a night of poetry, more honoring of Sappho–the creative feminine–and honoring of our own dreams, our own writing, our flow of communications. Flow may happen in areas of detail and writing–may we honor this evenings flow of words and thoughts, singing, dancing, writing. 

author’s note: –and why I’m able to finally clear the popper blockers that kept me from publishing the last few days! (as well as all the forward motion–as I had to keep moving instead of stopping to fix the gliches!)

Woo Hoo GlitchFixed!

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