February 13, 2019 – Communications Inside the Revolution

MOON entered Gemini
[1:32 am pst/ 2:32 am mst/ 3:32 am cst/ 4:32 am est] early this morning. This airy communicative energy is a follow up to the REVOLUTION of the last few days as URANUS CONJUNCTED MARS lat night, and the last few days have been a powerful “break-through” time.

If you’ve experienced extreme energies or radical emotions or watched others explode in revolution, that is the mover of the energy–URANUS wants to free us from anything that was not freedom. Mars is our masculine self, and the men around us–we are being “freed” from the past.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [12:36 pm pst/ 1:36 pm mst/ 2:36 pm cst/ 3:36 pm est] is a communication from the core of our changed being.  As we are freeing ourselves from the past and there is much to communicate in this shifting.

Valentine’s Day (tomorrow) is an interesting day of expansion of harmony. The “love,” that we are called to engage in these times, may be beyond the “lovers love,” entering the love of humans for their humanity. May we find the “greater loves,” of divinity and human-family. May we love one another in new and inventive ways that heal and support each other.

Mars enters earthy Taurus tomorrow and its time to get into the gardens and planting in the earth! There is love in the earth! As we put our hands in it, we are loved in an active Taurus moment.

May Valentines Day be an impetus to love all those beings around us–as we are all going through revolutionary and unsettling changes.


Author’s Note:  I’ve been looking at land, scouting locations for sustainable outdoor experiences with food and with animals. I apologize to all the readers who love this blog for being “off in the boonies,” for a few days and not blogging the daily weather. While off exploring community and land options for the near future, I met a plant communicator.He’s been dialoguing with the plants and recently they told him: “oh no we are looking at extremes in temperatures coming and we don’t think we will be able to sustain food production in those extremes, there could be failures in food crops and a food shortage. There is a need to create greenhouses for food production! As a result of this message emanating in my body with chills and a heart response that was so big, I realized there must be something to do–having a global relief organization at my finger-tips, it was a clear message–its time to do whatever we can to create food security now! So the wolf pack and GRR Inc. are now focusing full force on High Density Nutrition green houses that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and that can be built now, to shore up the food security of this area.

Readings are available. (sliding scale: 35-170) E-mail me your chosen times of availability.  azlanwhite@gmail.com

Wolf Pack Update: lots of preparations for a new location coming. Since we are busy with this upcoming transition we are asking for extra support feeding animals, as our need for our attention is multiplied in the transitioning. We have allies working with us to create more sustainable in the very near future, and right now its so transitional–we need your support to get through the transition! CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE to the wellbeing of animals!