February 5, 2019 – Community Fluidity

Yes! Its Spring in the seasonal calendar already! energies percolating under the soil, lifting up toward the light.

The Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Pig is also Imbolc, the first day of spring. The Chinese chose a day to be their country’s new year, that is a time when the energies of spring are receiving a burst of uplifting life-force. Spring, as a season, represents the nature and quality of the energies of the earth–now empowering all of life to reach up, grow toward the sun, and create circumstances perfect for flowering.

This New Moon in Aquarius of Community-Building (yesterday 1:03 pm pst), speaks to us of the power of human contact, instead of digital community. Digital community is nice, and real human contactable community is the call from source to humanity at this time. We are called to gather together into communities that can work on being self-contained and self-sustainable with food and a new way of relating socially that is a new version of modern community. Each region will have its uniqueness in how this community infrastructure occurs. It is where we are going.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [5:49 am pst/ 6:49 am mst/ 7:49 am cst/ 8:49 am est] is a burst of energy, life force, passion, or direction. This motivation is the drive of life herself to guide us toward our sunny radiant fulfillment.

[3:59 pm pst/ 4:59 pm mst/ 5:59 pm cst/ 6:59 pm est] is a secondary, mirroring of “burst of energy and life,”however from the invisible world, from guides, from elements, from symbols and energies. Things are stirring under the ground and within us that are alive and ready to be wild and free in existence.

Flowers are coming into being as tiny sprouts, excited for fruition coming. This happens in us too. We are planted in the garden of earth, now being infused with upward moving solar-seeking energy.

MOON enters the VOID mid-afternoon: with the aspect of MOON SEXTILE URANUS. [3:59 pm pst/ 4:59 pm mst/ 5:59 pm cst/ 6:59 pm est]
THIS AFTERNOON VOID is until MOON enters Pisces at [6:02 pm pst/ 7:02 pm mst/ 8:02 pm cst/ 9:02 pm est] bringing in the water, to the air. This air to water transition is good for allowing ourselves to hear to the invisibles as they can se further than we can.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [11:33 pm pst/ 12:33 pm mst/ 1:33 pm cst/ 2:33 pm est] brings in the sweetest energy as the early crescent moon rises. This sweet gentle new beginning is so different from the eclipse death cycle we just finished!

May we feel the gentle incoming light and allow ourselves to unfurl in it, rising like mist from our shadow purification January.